How To Properly Paint Your Commercial Property To Meet Customer Standards

How To Properly Paint A Commercial Property

Painting a commercial property The first thing every commercial property owner wanting to paint their property has to do is to choose the right time to do so. Late spring or the start of the autumn is the best time to paint, as the temperatures during these periods are neither too cold or too hot.

Today, at HDF painting, we’re going to show you why it is so important to properly paint your commercial property

For the paint job to settle perfectly, the exterior has to be thoroughly washed before starting the painting process. Power washing or washing removes any dirt, debris, and mildew that is present on almost every properties surface.

Any damaged places on the exterior have to be fixed. Next step is removing any old and defective paint. This is a very important step, as, without it, any new paint will not settle properly on the property.

After estimating how much paint you will need for your house and choose the right color, you will likely need to prime the surface of your house before starting to paint. Priming is a great choice for homeowners who want the paint on their house to last for a longer time. Priming involves putting a base coat on the surface of the house before applying the paint.

Before applying paint, the commercial painter has to choose the right kind of tool to apply the paint with. While most still choose simple brushes, rollers and paint sprayers are becoming more popular.

It’s recommended to paint the sidings first and the trim later. Painting from top to the bottom of the house achieves the best look. Don’t forget to apply a second coat of paint for increased longevity of the paint.

Power Washing Your Commercial Property Before Painting 

The first step was taken to power wash a commercial property is to choose the right power washer. Power washers vary according to their force strength (pounds per square inch or PSI). Softer materials like softwood generally require a power washer with a PSI of around 1,200, while stronger materials are washed with a pressure washer with the power of around 2,500 PSI.

After choosing the right power washer, detergent, which is used to prevent damage to your house’s siding has to be bought.

The house area has to be cleared from any bicycles, furniture and similar things that can lead the painter to trip and fall during washing. Safety glasses have to be worn and any materials made from asbestos or coated with lead paint have to be removed.

To avoid any damage or injuries, any damaged places on the
exterior of the house have to be replaced or repaired. Vents, windows and all-electric outlets have to be covered. Electricity to the exterior outlets of the house has to be turned off.

After taking care of eye protection, the house can be started to wash. Detergent has to be applied before washing. It is recommended to apply detergent to the siding of the house from bottom to the top. This prevents any dirt and grime from running to the already dry spots.

The detergent has to sit for around 10 minutes. After it dries, it should be washed off. Next, the pressure washing begins. It is recommended to pressure wash from the top to the bottom of the house. Ladders for washing higher up places should be avoided as they can be unstable. It is better to use a telescopic wand. After finishing washing the house, wait for a few hours for the perfect result.