What You Need To Know Before Painting A Commercial Building

Painting A Commercial Building | What You Should Know

Whether you’re trying to make a start in the painting business or you’re just trying to spruce up your own small business there are a few things you need to know before starting. The right preparation can make all the difference between a job well done and a big headache

Have The Proper Materials

….And know how to use them! Commercial painting isn’t as simple as repainting your bedroom. In order to do the job professionally and efficiently, you’ll need more than a few cans of paint and a couple of rollers. You’ll also need to know what kind of paint is best to use depending on the material of the building. Some basic materials include…

Pressure Washer

What To Charge/How Much To Pay

If you’re a contractor bidding on a job this is essential. If you underbid too
large an amount and run into too many unexpected problems you could end up in the red quickly.

Always leave yourself a safety net when bidding on a job, it can save you money and save you from all the stress that comes with losing it. Conversely, overbidding will leave you with no work. If you’re a business owner it goes without saying that you want the best possible value.

There are many
factors that can affect the cost of a job, but luckily there are online tools
that can help you determine the proper range any one project should fall

How To Prep The Building

Buildings can be built with many different materials. That might seem like a pointless and self-explanatory statement, but different material means different prep work and different paint.

If you’re painting concrete you’ll need a different paint than if you were painting wood or vinyl. Brick has to be cleaned in an especially thorough way before applying paint in order for it to be done properly. So do a little research before getting started.

It’s Hard Work

Painting is not easy work. DIY web pages and home and garden magazines have a habit of making many projects such as painting look like fun. They’ll show you a picture of a couple in designer clothes and safety glasses laughing with a paint smudges strategically placed to look unintentional. If you’ve ever repainted your home you know that this isn’t how it works. Painting is labor intensive and often requires you to work in conditions (such as extreme heat or cold) that aren’t very comfortable. You’ll have to carry cans of paint while climbing ladders or scaffolding or even to spend large amounts of time bent over or on your knees which could be hard on your joints.

In Conclusion

When properly prepared, painting commercial buildings can be rewarding, either in the good feeling of a job well done or monetarily. But if you fail to properly assess the job, a would-be profitable endeavor can turn into a nightmare faster than you can blink. So know your stuff!