Importance Of Paint For Real Estate Investment

Importance Of Paint For Real Estate Investment

When real estate investors look into a home, they generally consider some basic things such as the current price, after-repair-value, and renovation costs. But what a real estate investor primarily looks at is the minimum requirements for a renovation to be able to list the home on the market. If a real estate investor follows a lot of the same home value tips as agents, then they may be able to actually list their property for more than they originally intend.

Investors Will Consider Curb Appeal 


Investors will consider curb appeal, which is important if you want to attract potential buyers and generally pre-frame the way people think about the value of the home. But what happens after the potential buyers enter the home is totally different. If the interior is painted entirely like an apartment, with neutral white or beige, then it doesn’t have any real personality or give the buyer a way to imagine it personalized to their tastes (or what it could otherwise be).


Acknowledging the importance of interior paint allows the investor to create color palettes or accent walls that may give a higher perceived value of the home for buyers that are being shown the property. By following some of the recommended tips and tricks such as the ones we have in our articles, a lot of investors can increase the value of their properties and get more for it than they originally intended. It’s also important to consider lighting when thinking about photography for the interior. It would be bad to choose paint colors that are not going to show up well as accents in pictures for listings, so thinking about the future steps to selling the home when handling the paint is imperative. Also, make sure that the home is ready for staging, something as simple as carpet cleaning.


Aside from the interior of the home, restoring some of the exterior with new paint can also help improve curb appeal. In some neighborhoods, there are older homes that have red brick exteriors. Using exterior paint and sealer to do a lighter shade, something like a white or a light gray on the brick, can actually make the home look entirely new and modern. Something so cheap and easy to do can really help raise the value and improve the chances of selling the property quickly.

For more information about interior and exterior paints, you should check out this information. Raising property values are generally the top priority when investing in real estate, so it’s important to know what the best ways are to improve the chances of getting top-dollar when remodeling a home and listing it in the MLS. Get some more painting tips with us at

How To Properly Remodel A Small Kitchen

How To Remodel A Smaller Than Usual Kitchen 

how to remodel a smaller kitchen

Have you ever wanted to remodel your kitchen at home but thought it was too small of a kitchen? Many times, homeowners believe that remodeling their kitchen is a huge project and the kitchen has to be large and unique in size for a company to remodel it.

Companies like Fine Home Contracting (CT Kitchen Remodelers) state that remodeling a kitchen has nothing to do with the size. But, as any other remodel you need to be aware of a few things before going about the project.

Many city kitchens are small and are designed in ways that make it difficult for a makeover. However, there are many approaches to remodeling a small kitchen, and here are a few ideas that can help:

1. Prioritizing Your Kitchen’s Needs

When remodeling a small kitchen, the first thing is to set a budget so that you can keep yourself from buying unnecessary items. You need to prioritize on what your small kitchen needs.

The most important factors you need to consider are the floor space, storage space, countertop space, and appliances. For instance, using installing deep counters can help solve inadequate floor space problem as well as the total storage area.

Deep cabinets also work the same as they can provide some extra space which prevents accumulation of clutter. Installing built-in cabinets with, roll-out shelves, and slide-out drawers can go a long way in providing extra space in your small kitchen.

2. Pay Attention to Lighting:

Lighting plays a very important role in remodeling a small space. Smart lighting can create an illusion of big space and also adds an atmosphere to your kitchen. Choosing these fixtures carefully not only makes the place look pleasant but also increases the functionality.

3. Add Smart Storage:

Consider the effectiveness of the kitchen’s cabinetry and add smart storage for making it more organized and functional. You can increase the depth of your cabinets to store more items or use hanging shelves. Another smart storage solution is using the corners to their best, and it is only possible by hiring a professional kitchen designer. Incorporate as much storage as you can.

5. Customize

You can change the entire look of your kitchen as well as your home by customizing it in several ways. You can use custom cabinets, drawers, racks, and special storing stations for converting your little space into a fully functional cooking station.

Before diving into small kitchen makeovers, make sure that everything is planned and hire a reliable and experienced kitchen designer.


What You Need To Know Before Painting A Commercial Building

Painting A Commercial Building | What You Should Know

Whether you’re trying to make a start in the painting business or you’re just trying to spruce up your own small business there are a few things you need to know before starting. The right preparation can make all the difference between a job well done and a big headache

Have The Proper Materials

….And know how to use them! Commercial painting isn’t as simple as repainting your bedroom. In order to do the job professionally and efficiently, you’ll need more than a few cans of paint and a couple of rollers. You’ll also need to know what kind of paint is best to use depending on the material of the building. Some basic materials include…

Pressure Washer

What To Charge/How Much To Pay

If you’re a contractor bidding on a job this is essential. If you underbid too
large an amount and run into too many unexpected problems you could end up in the red quickly.

Always leave yourself a safety net when bidding on a job, it can save you money and save you from all the stress that comes with losing it. Conversely, overbidding will leave you with no work. If you’re a business owner it goes without saying that you want the best possible value.

There are many
factors that can affect the cost of a job, but luckily there are online tools
that can help you determine the proper range any one project should fall

How To Prep The Building

Buildings can be built with many different materials. That might seem like a pointless and self-explanatory statement, but different material means different prep work and different paint.

If you’re painting concrete you’ll need a different paint than if you were painting wood or vinyl. Brick has to be cleaned in an especially thorough way before applying paint in order for it to be done properly. So do a little research before getting started.

It’s Hard Work

Painting is not easy work. DIY web pages and home and garden magazines have a habit of making many projects such as painting look like fun. They’ll show you a picture of a couple in designer clothes and safety glasses laughing with a paint smudges strategically placed to look unintentional. If you’ve ever repainted your home you know that this isn’t how it works. Painting is labor intensive and often requires you to work in conditions (such as extreme heat or cold) that aren’t very comfortable. You’ll have to carry cans of paint while climbing ladders or scaffolding or even to spend large amounts of time bent over or on your knees which could be hard on your joints.

In Conclusion

When properly prepared, painting commercial buildings can be rewarding, either in the good feeling of a job well done or monetarily. But if you fail to properly assess the job, a would-be profitable endeavor can turn into a nightmare faster than you can blink. So know your stuff!

What To Look For When Looking For A General Contractor

Hiring A General Contractor To Do Your Home Improvement

Want to learn our best tips on hiring a general contractor to work on your home? In this blog post, we signify some things to do when going about any home improvement project that you may have.

The Responsibilities Of A General Contractor

Home Renovation Projects

It always gives immense pleasure to get involved in home renovation project and we get such opportunity once in a life.

When you have taken the choice to

or remodel your home, it is recommended that you work with a general contractor business as they are certified in precisely what they do and will make the job easier and much faster.

There are a variety of suggestions for employing a general contractor, a few of that include:.

Educating Your Self On The Home Improvement Project

Educate yourself on the Home renovating job, this does not suggest you need to know the best ways to get the job done, but it will form the basis for the various points which you will ask the general contractor to identify their level of proficiency before working with.

Begin with 3 to 5 Commercial specialists as this will assist you to decide who to employ because you will have the ability to compare their quotes & designs and help you make an educated decision.

Find out whether the contractor is certified and bonded, you can do this by examining for details on the state licensing board. You can likewise learn through the company whether the particular contractor has grievances from previous jobs undertaken.

Ask Your Contractor For References And Referrals 

Request the prospective contractor for recommendations from previous clients; this will also help you in selecting the right contractor.
Ask all the right questions before setting up a visit; this is a fundamental part of the evaluating process, as it will help you know whether they have finished tasks just like what you want.

Make sure to get a composed agreement from the contractor you choose to employ, this contract information everything that refers to the job from its beginning to its end, it also includes the total cost, the date for ending and beginning work as well as the repayment schedule. Written contracts will continuously be beneficial to you and will guarantee that the contractor is legally required to finish the job.

How To Properly Paint Your Commercial Property To Meet Customer Standards

How To Properly Paint A Commercial Property

Painting a commercial property The first thing every commercial property owner wanting to paint their property has to do is to choose the right time to do so. Late spring or the start of the autumn is the best time to paint, as the temperatures during these periods are neither too cold or too hot.

Today, at HDF painting, we’re going to show you why it is so important to properly paint your commercial property

For the paint job to settle perfectly, the exterior has to be thoroughly washed before starting the painting process. Power washing or washing removes any dirt, debris, and mildew that is present on almost every properties surface.

Any damaged places on the exterior have to be fixed. Next step is removing any old and defective paint. This is a very important step, as, without it, any new paint will not settle properly on the property.

After estimating how much paint you will need for your house and choose the right color, you will likely need to prime the surface of your house before starting to paint. Priming is a great choice for homeowners who want the paint on their house to last for a longer time. Priming involves putting a base coat on the surface of the house before applying the paint.

Before applying paint, the commercial painter has to choose the right kind of tool to apply the paint with. While most still choose simple brushes, rollers and paint sprayers are becoming more popular.

It’s recommended to paint the sidings first and the trim later. Painting from top to the bottom of the house achieves the best look. Don’t forget to apply a second coat of paint for increased longevity of the paint.

Power Washing Your Commercial Property Before Painting 

The first step was taken to power wash a commercial property is to choose the right power washer. Power washers vary according to their force strength (pounds per square inch or PSI). Softer materials like softwood generally require a power washer with a PSI of around 1,200, while stronger materials are washed with a pressure washer with the power of around 2,500 PSI.

After choosing the right power washer, detergent, which is used to prevent damage to your house’s siding has to be bought.

The house area has to be cleared from any bicycles, furniture and similar things that can lead the painter to trip and fall during washing. Safety glasses have to be worn and any materials made from asbestos or coated with lead paint have to be removed.

To avoid any damage or injuries, any damaged places on the
exterior of the house have to be replaced or repaired. Vents, windows and all-electric outlets have to be covered. Electricity to the exterior outlets of the house has to be turned off.

After taking care of eye protection, the house can be started to wash. Detergent has to be applied before washing. It is recommended to apply detergent to the siding of the house from bottom to the top. This prevents any dirt and grime from running to the already dry spots.

The detergent has to sit for around 10 minutes. After it dries, it should be washed off. Next, the pressure washing begins. It is recommended to pressure wash from the top to the bottom of the house. Ladders for washing higher up places should be avoided as they can be unstable. It is better to use a telescopic wand. After finishing washing the house, wait for a few hours for the perfect result.